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University of Prince Edward Island

C1A 4P3, Charlottetown, Canada | Founded: 1969 | Public, University | School ID: 000100 | Visit University

Why University of Prince Edward Island? | University Accreditation/Recognition

University of Prince Edward Island


The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI), which is located in the lovely and historic city of Charlottetown, offers a wide variety of academic programs and a close-knit community that are ideal for international students. UPEI has a reputation for quality thanks to its small class numbers and committed professors who promote an environment that helps students not only achieve, but develop. The campus is safe and pedestrian-friendly. The university is becoming an increasingly popular choice for students from all over the world. The cost of tuition and fees at UPEI, a public university, is the lowest in all of Canada. Prince Edward Island is the perfect location for university education because it provides a distinctive blend of beauty, intellectual stimulation, and affordability.

It is Canada's smallest province, with only 168,000 residents, but it has a rich history, vibrant culture, and good quality of life. Charlottetown's historic streets, parks, structures, shops, theatres, pubs, and art galleries offer UPEI, the island's lone university, a comfortable and culturally active setting. The island is recognized for its beautiful beaches, pastoral vistas, quaint settlements, and vibrant cultural community in addition to its rich cultural attractions. It's situated on Canada's east coast and offers international students from all over the world a safe, cheap, and ideal environment in which to live and study. Students can find the individualized learning opportunities and career-focused results they require at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) to follow their passions and realize their objectives. UPEI offers a variety of programs that let students find their own niche thanks to its small class numbers, easy access to professors, and programs that cater to all academic interests. UPEI offers a range of support services, such as academic coaching, advising, personal counselling, and accessibility services, for students who might encounter difficulties.


C1A 4P3, Charlottetown, Canada


Descriptions Subtotal
Avg Cost of Tuition/Year CAD 15,584
Cost of Living/Year CAD 27,138
*Application Fee CAD 0 - CAD 50
*Charged once per application
Estimated Total/Year CAD 42,722