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Quinnipiac University

275, Hamden, Connecticut | Founded: 1929 | Private, University | School ID: 000507 |

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Quinnipiac University


Quinnipiac University is a  private university that was established in 1929 as the Connecticut College of Commerce in New Haven. Now, it is located in  Hamden, Connecticut. The founders, Samuel and Irmagarde Tator, started the first college with just one building and 11 students. This university has come a long way from its inception, now taking pride as a nationally recognized institution that spans over three campuses, offering 110 academic programs, meeting the needs of students looking to pursue diverse programs. Quinnipiac University occupies 600 acres of land built for both academic and non-academic purposes.

Quinnipiac University is a private university located in Hamden, Connecticut. A study by the Georgetown University Centre concluded Quinnipiac to be among the top 3% of universities in the US that provide long-term value. Also, the career site Zippia, in 2019, named it the top university in the US for employment after graduation. The university is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education. Quinnipiac has three campuses, Mount Carmel Campus in Hamden, North Haven Campus in North Haven, and the York Hill Campus in Hamden. All three campuses are designed, keeping in mind the comfort of the students. They are treated to wide-open spaces, patios, European inspired architecture, courtyards, and more. The campus also includes a network of libraries, labs, athletic and recreation centers, studios, and other facilities that enable students to achieve overall excellence.Quinnipiac provides courses in a variety of fields for both Undergraduates and graduates. Their offerings in terms of Schools and Programmes include the College of Arts and Science, Business, Communications, Engineering, Health Sciences, Law, Medicine, Nursing, and also Dual-Degree Programmes. Offering courses in the fields of law, medicine, and engineering under one roof is a feat in itself, and Quinnipiac is one of the only thirty universities in the US to do so. Other than helping students earn their degrees, this university believes in enriching their lives and help them become global citizens working towards causes they believe in, pursuing their passions and collaborating. They have a whopping 146 student-run organizations, wherein they provide the opportunity to volunteer in the local community or go through service-based learning around the world. Every spring, they hold the exclusive Wake the Giant concert series, where talented and experienced artists like DJ Tiesto, Kesha, and Jason Derulo grace the occasion. The university also boasts of ice hockey and basketball teams in the York Hill campus that are ranked nationally. The Quinnipiac alumni will support you throughout your career. They provide services like free webinars, Job postings, professional development courses which might prepare you for a new job or excel in your current one. They also host events all around the year in different parts of the countries offering a chance to fellow Quinnipiacs' to meet up, collaborate, volunteer, give back to the society and keep the Quinnipiac legacy alive.


275, Hamden, Connecticut


Descriptions Subtotal
Avg Cost of Tuition/Year USD 48,200
Cost of Living/Year USD 18,200
*Application Fee USD 0 - USD 65
*Charged once per application
Estimated Total/Year USD 66,400