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International College Portsmouth (UK): Navitas

St Michael's Rd, Portsmouth, United Kingdom | Founded: 2009 | Private, College | School ID: 000114 | Visit University

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International College Portsmouth (UK): Navitas


International College Portsmouth (ICP) is a partner college of the University of Portsmouth established in 2009. It offers educational pathways to above 100 top degree courses at the University of Portsmouth. It offers an alternative arriving point into University of Portsmouth for students who don't meet the academic or English language requirements for direct entry at university. It strives to provide a modern and dynamic educational experience.

ICP offers both undergraduate and postgraduate pathways to more than 100 top degree courses at the University of Portsmouth. It has students from as many as 100 countries across the world. ICP students are guaranteed a progression into University of Portsmouth upon successful completion of their pathway programs. Over 4000 ICP students have progressed to University of Portsmouth according to the recent college data. It has a fantastic College Services Team to help students in every step of the way in their college journey. They support students from the first day of their college by helping in registration and enrollment, orientation weeks, accommodation, police registrations, bank letters, student council and module ambassadors etc. The college offers various programs such as:

  • Pre-Sessional English

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Architecture, Design and Fashion

  • Business and Management

  • Computing

  • Engineering

  • Law, Politics and International Relations

  • Mathematics

  • Media and Games Technology

  • Property and Surveying

  • Science

  • Education

  • International Relations and Criminal Justice

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management


St Michael's Rd, Portsmouth, United Kingdom


Descriptions Subtotal
Avg Cost of Tuition/Year GBP 8,918
Cost of Living/Year GBP 0
*Application Fee GBP 0 - GBP 0
*Charged once per application
Estimated Total/Year GBP 8,918