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Australian Technical and Management College- Federation University (ATMC)

470 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia | Founded: 1870 | Public, University | School ID: 000119 | Visit University

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Australian Technical and Management College- Federation University (ATMC)


Australian Technical and Management college is a private institution founded in the year 1971 AD. The ATMC is affiliated with two leading Australian universities, Federation University Australia (Fed) and Western Sydney University (WSU), and has a mission of providing students with industry relevant quality education.

ATMC is a nationally recognized institute offering education in the fields of business, management, engineering, and information technology. This college is especially known for international education as most of the students enrolled belong to the international communities. The college has two campuses located in Melbourne and Sydney which offers a range of innovative courses with high job placements so that the students will be able to compete in the global workplace. ATMC, in association with Fed and WSU, offers an exciting collection of bachelor degrees, associate degrees, graduate diplomas, master degrees in Information Technology and Information Systems and bachelor and master degrees in Business and Accounting. The college offers students with classrooms which are equipped with updated technologies, updated labs, latest multimedia workstations and a student library. The college implements a ‘buddy system’ where each student is assigned with a senior student who helps them in settling in at the college.


470 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia


Descriptions Subtotal
Avg Cost of Tuition/Year AUD 26,713
Cost of Living/Year AUD 0
*Application Fee AUD 0 - AUD 0
*Charged once per application
Estimated Total/Year AUD 26,713